"NLP" congratulates you on the holy Ramadan holiday!

"New Line Project" congratulates you on Holy Ramadan holiday! We wish you happiness in your families and the blessings and abundance in your homes! 

The month of Ramadan - the month of fasting is one of the commands of Sharia, which constitutes the basis of Islam. At this time, even in the hottest days, Muslims must refuse from the simplest human needs (water and nutrition) and demonstrate their will. The fasting month of this month should not be just water and food, but should also be free of wrong thoughts and deeds. Those who are open to trial will be rewarded by Allah and will fulfill the intention of fasting. 

Keeping spiritually and physically in the month of Ramadan has a lot to do with the soul and health of a person. If a person can give up 18 hours of bad habits, the probability of being exempted from this habit over the other six hours of the day is very high. Gradually, thanks to this limitation, man can control himself and his behavior, which is a chance to abandon bad thoughts and habits. 

Fasting in Ramadan is a sign of advanced personality, mature temper, will and determination.